Mark of You

Mark of you

I never thought I will let any needle puncture my skin
I was always scared of needles right from childhood
One day I decided, I want a permanent mark of her
I know we are not together
I know you don’t feel anything for me anymore
I know I have become past which has lost its significance

What to do all this makes no difference
to my feelings feel for you. Weird right!
My love for you is
As indelible as this mark
As singular as this color
As naive as the design

I am the one to whom touch is essential form of love
I wanted your presence to be felt even after you left
I wanted you to be absorbed into my skin
I wanted you to become part of me forever
Something which I can feel forever

I wonder how come you have so much impact on me
You have moved core of me
I never felt this attached to anyone or anything
I felt you are the other half of me.
I thought we are magnets opposite in nature
Though I realized I am just a piece of iron.

The mark means ‘Ray of sunlight’
I always felt you are ray of sunlight in my life
Ray for which I was looking my whole life
Ray for which I would do anything to be embraced
Ray for which I can be sure & need not think of any other light

A needle punching in and out for 1 hour
Yes it was painful
Though all the time I was thinking of you
I was thinking of you holding tightly
I was thinking of all the love we made
I was thinking of us becoming one

I guess my quest for love has come to an end.
I have found my love for you, though you are not with me now.
People do leave the mark once they are gone
It seems I have made the mark of you on me after you left.


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