Between the ends of curve

Between the ends of curve

I still remember the smile when we met last time.
You know how long I have been looking for those curves?
I waited for 9 months looking at my door
For your knock on the door
I waited for 14 weeks near your doorstep
For you to come out
I waited, waited & waited
You have no idea what it takes to wait for someone
Though not even a single glance of you I could get.

How insane fate is right
How come someone vanishes abruptly?
Someone you kiss each week
Someone you talk each day
Someone you think of each moment.

I had carved my heart on the beach
And suddenly a tide wipes out everything.
As if there was nothing there.
I thought you will never let any tide come in
I thought I will withstand even if it comes.
I think I was wrong neither you stopped nor I could withstand.
Finally, I decided to move away from the beach.

I decided to go through deep jungle
To get a close look at mountains
It was fun each day new place, new climate
Finally, I got close look at mountains
They were beautiful & made me lose fear
They were whispering why it took you so long.
I wondered too why
It is my love for the beach I guess.

Finally, after a year I could get glance of you
I felt as if my heart is squeezed
I felt as if it will stop anytime soon
It is like I have met you yesterday
Now I feel stranger around you for the first time
I guess now I don’t mean anything to you
I cried though how it was so easy for you
You look happy now what else I could want.
Look at you no change at all
The same pretty face with a smile though not for me this time.


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