Love Never dies

Love Never dies

Love is the oldest language on this planet.
One need not utter a word
One need not convey through signs
One need not write it down
It is just the true feeling for others.

Nothing can be so pure & strong as love.
I still wonder how can a smile on someone’s face
can make you happiest person.

Have you ever thought about
How a mother feels when she sees her just born child
How a father feels when his kid calls him for the first time
How a lover feels when their partner kisses
How a master feels when their pet comes running for them.

Being loved is the one of the best thing can ever happen.
It is not the greatness of us but the one who believes in us.
Just think of one person who loves you & is been there for you.
Feel blessed if you have even one such person in your life.

Everyone might have felt at least once how it feels to love someone.
It is like 100 times of what you feel when your help makes someone’s day better.
So don’t let that feeling go away for materialistic things or some silly fights.
It takes time to build anything even a beautiful relationship.
Just surrender yourself completely and take care of your partner.
Grow old with your love & lover and you will see the beauty of it.

Love never dies lover might
It is just details of memory fading away if not remembered with time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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