It’s been long time move on

It’s been long time move on

Is it that easy to move on
Look at her smile
Look at her eyes when she smiles
She is full of life.

To move on is to forget
those miles of the journey to just spend an hour with her
those late nights talks which never ended
those long hours in the cold breeze to just hold her little longer

Still, i can feel the
taste of her lips
the warmth of her hug
the fragrance of her skin

To move on is to forget
those promises we made to each other.
those dreams to live happily ever.
those plans we had to travel together.

Her arrival gave birth to my future.
Her departure gave birth to me.

How can I let her become just a memory
She is not just some person I loved
She is the driving force for my life.
She is the energy of mine to move forward.

She is the body of my soul.

It’s been a long time still I can’t move on.
Hope she wakes up & starts dreaming with me again. 🙂


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