Stop Thinking Start writing


One should write
It can be a small note saying ‘I love you’ or ‘Sorry’.
It can be a dream you have from your childhood.
It can be a bunch of words put together in a line.
It can be the best experience you ever had.

Don’t write for others write for yourself
To look at yourself through those words.
To look at what those thoughts really meant.
To look at the younger version of yourself after years.

Writing is unique form of art
The same number of words can define a moment.
The same number of words can define a lifetime.

Writing is form of medicine for yourself and others
Let your anger come out.
Let your fear come out.
Let your joy come out.

Thoughts are very powerful put them on paper
You can be a sixteen-year young girl.
You can be a sixty-year-old pensioner.
You can be bad at grammar.
You can be doubtful about your vocabulary.
Don’t think anymore, start writing


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