He had spent many sleepless nights. His eyes were wet.
Looking at the door he was waiting that someday she will come back and will knock the door.

Someone knocks on the door. He gets up and opens it.
She was tensed and felt awkward, the door at which she never waited to get in but today she is hesitant.
He hugged her tightly there were no complains, no explanations & no words at all.
He could feel her tears on his shoulder and he kissed her neck & held her tightly.
All the anger, sorrow, fear vanished from their hearts.
Both of them shed their tears and now their hearts felt lightened.

They were so much immersed in the moment that they were not affected by the cool breeze outside.
There was a smile on their faces and both felt the sense of extreme happiness.
Both felt so secured in each other hands. As if they have won the war and earned back everything they have lost.
They didn’t want that moment to go away & want that moment to be forever.

There was a knock on the door. He wakes up and feels the Deja vu. But this time it was not her.
Again his eyes were wet but this time there was a smile on his face that this will be real someday. 🙂


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