Mark of You

Mark of you

I never thought I will let any needle puncture my skin
I was always scared of needles right from childhood
One day I decided, I want a permanent mark of her
I know we are not together
I know you don’t feel anything for me anymore
I know I have become past which has lost its significance

What to do all this makes no difference
to my feelings feel for you. Weird right!
My love for you is
As indelible as this mark
As singular as this color
As naive as the design

I am the one to whom touch is essential form of love
I wanted your presence to be felt even after you left
I wanted you to be absorbed into my skin
I wanted you to become part of me forever
Something which I can feel forever

I wonder how come you have so much impact on me
You have moved core of me
I never felt this attached to anyone or anything
I felt you are the other half of me.
I thought we are magnets opposite in nature
Though I realized I am just a piece of iron.

The mark means ‘Ray of sunlight’
I always felt you are ray of sunlight in my life
Ray for which I was looking my whole life
Ray for which I would do anything to be embraced
Ray for which I can be sure & need not think of any other light

A needle punching in and out for 1 hour
Yes it was painful
Though all the time I was thinking of you
I was thinking of you holding tightly
I was thinking of all the love we made
I was thinking of us becoming one

I guess my quest for love has come to an end.
I have found my love for you, though you are not with me now.
People do leave the mark once they are gone
It seems I have made the mark of you on me after you left.


Between the ends of curve

Between the ends of curve

I still remember the smile when we met last time.
You know how long I have been looking for those curves?
I waited for 9 months looking at my door
For your knock on the door
I waited for 14 weeks near your doorstep
For you to come out
I waited, waited & waited
You have no idea what it takes to wait for someone
Though not even a single glance of you I could get.

How insane fate is right
How come someone vanishes abruptly?
Someone you kiss each week
Someone you talk each day
Someone you think of each moment.

I had carved my heart on the beach
And suddenly a tide wipes out everything.
As if there was nothing there.
I thought you will never let any tide come in
I thought I will withstand even if it comes.
I think I was wrong neither you stopped nor I could withstand.
Finally, I decided to move away from the beach.

I decided to go through deep jungle
To get a close look at mountains
It was fun each day new place, new climate
Finally, I got close look at mountains
They were beautiful & made me lose fear
They were whispering why it took you so long.
I wondered too why
It is my love for the beach I guess.

Finally, after a year I could get glance of you
I felt as if my heart is squeezed
I felt as if it will stop anytime soon
It is like I have met you yesterday
Now I feel stranger around you for the first time
I guess now I don’t mean anything to you
I cried though how it was so easy for you
You look happy now what else I could want.
Look at you no change at all
The same pretty face with a smile though not for me this time.

Love Never dies

Love Never dies

Love is the oldest language on this planet.
One need not utter a word
One need not convey through signs
One need not write it down
It is just the true feeling for others.

Nothing can be so pure & strong as love.
I still wonder how can a smile on someone’s face
can make you happiest person.

Have you ever thought about
How a mother feels when she sees her just born child
How a father feels when his kid calls him for the first time
How a lover feels when their partner kisses
How a master feels when their pet comes running for them.

Being loved is the one of the best thing can ever happen.
It is not the greatness of us but the one who believes in us.
Just think of one person who loves you & is been there for you.
Feel blessed if you have even one such person in your life.

Everyone might have felt at least once how it feels to love someone.
It is like 100 times of what you feel when your help makes someone’s day better.
So don’t let that feeling go away for materialistic things or some silly fights.
It takes time to build anything even a beautiful relationship.
Just surrender yourself completely and take care of your partner.
Grow old with your love & lover and you will see the beauty of it.

Love never dies lover might
It is just details of memory fading away if not remembered with time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s been long time move on

It’s been long time move on

Is it that easy to move on
Look at her smile
Look at her eyes when she smiles
She is full of life.

To move on is to forget
those miles of the journey to just spend an hour with her
those late nights talks which never ended
those long hours in the cold breeze to just hold her little longer

Still, i can feel the
taste of her lips
the warmth of her hug
the fragrance of her skin

To move on is to forget
those promises we made to each other.
those dreams to live happily ever.
those plans we had to travel together.

Her arrival gave birth to my future.
Her departure gave birth to me.

How can I let her become just a memory
She is not just some person I loved
She is the driving force for my life.
She is the energy of mine to move forward.

She is the body of my soul.

It’s been a long time still I can’t move on.
Hope she wakes up & starts dreaming with me again. 🙂

Stop Thinking Start writing


One should write
It can be a small note saying ‘I love you’ or ‘Sorry’.
It can be a dream you have from your childhood.
It can be a bunch of words put together in a line.
It can be the best experience you ever had.

Don’t write for others write for yourself
To look at yourself through those words.
To look at what those thoughts really meant.
To look at the younger version of yourself after years.

Writing is unique form of art
The same number of words can define a moment.
The same number of words can define a lifetime.

Writing is form of medicine for yourself and others
Let your anger come out.
Let your fear come out.
Let your joy come out.

Thoughts are very powerful put them on paper
You can be a sixteen-year young girl.
You can be a sixty-year-old pensioner.
You can be bad at grammar.
You can be doubtful about your vocabulary.
Don’t think anymore, start writing

Travel Alone


Travelling alone is exploring yourself in a different land.
All the senses will be at their best.
Hours of silence, Hours of talking, Hours of walking.
Suddenly the day will become longer.

Travelling alone is
As refreshing as the aroma of soil when it rains.
As satisfying as quench when we are thirsty.
As pleasurable as orgasm when we make love.

Waving back your hand to random kids who are giggling.
Enjoying the cool breeze early in the morning.
Enjoying the smile of little ones playing in the streets.
Enjoying the local food which frees our taste buds from boredom.

Travel alone to experience the beauty of nature.
Travel alone to get rid of fears deep inside you.
Travel alone to understand what living really means to you.

The fault in you


How could I not find any fault in you?
I guess I was blind
I didn’t think of your beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, radiant skin.
I didn’t think of your anger, your stupidity, you being stubborn.
I guess I was blind
blind in your love
blind in your warmth
blind in your happiness

How could one have no faults, we all have.
How could one show so much of affection
How could one move someone so much
How could one give away everything and still be so calm

I can never find anyone like you again.
I guess I was the fault in you.

It’s Her First Birthday


He felt as if he is waiting for this moment from ages.
After years again he took so much care of his attire.

She never looked so gorgeous before.
Is it the day or it’s just his perception or her smile.
He felt lucky to be with her on this day.
She was never so happy before.
Is it the day or it’s just her emotion or his presence.
She chose to be with him on this day.

After few sips both were looking into each other eyes.
Everything around them faded away.
They were living one of their memorable day.
He hugged her as if red rose was beautifully wrapped with white velvet.
He felt her as a rose petal.
He adored her innocent face.

She was holding his hand and felt she has found the one.
He felt as if he is waiting for this moment from ages. 🙂



He had spent many sleepless nights. His eyes were wet.
Looking at the door he was waiting that someday she will come back and will knock the door.

Someone knocks on the door. He gets up and opens it.
She was tensed and felt awkward, the door at which she never waited to get in but today she is hesitant.
He hugged her tightly there were no complains, no explanations & no words at all.
He could feel her tears on his shoulder and he kissed her neck & held her tightly.
All the anger, sorrow, fear vanished from their hearts.
Both of them shed their tears and now their hearts felt lightened.

They were so much immersed in the moment that they were not affected by the cool breeze outside.
There was a smile on their faces and both felt the sense of extreme happiness.
Both felt so secured in each other hands. As if they have won the war and earned back everything they have lost.
They didn’t want that moment to go away & want that moment to be forever.

There was a knock on the door. He wakes up and feels the Deja vu. But this time it was not her.
Again his eyes were wet but this time there was a smile on his face that this will be real someday. 🙂

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